The Greatest Struggle

If you like insightful, raw, compassionate veiwpoints and you haven’t read Camille Paglia, you really need to check her out. I just saw a quote from her on The Twitter and it sums up as:

…evil is rooted in the human heart

This has been on my mind a lot lately and I’m grateful to people like Paglia and others who have really made it their life to seek and express their perspectives. These are not frivolous people, Paglia has paid a great cost to speak her truth and becuase she would do it all again doesn’t mean it hasn’t been painful, destrcutive or well earned. It’s important as our society and civilization continue to succumb to technology well beyond our morality and ethics that we find a way to decipher what is true and what is valuable.

Tomorrow it will essentially be possible to package and promote any perspective as truth. How can we know the difference? How can we know what is to be paid attention to?

Listen to those that have a lot to lose by what they say. That’s my method. If the person speaking or the entity promoting has nothing to lose or if they have a lot to gain (materially) by speaking, that is an indication to really question. If the person risks persecution, imprinsonment, alienation, hatred and violence to say what they have to say, maybe that’s worth a little more.

So back to the human heart and the roots of evil.

This is an answer among answers. It’s a foundational belief that can change and save and it is the opposite of what is being promoted in the mainstream right now. When I look around all I see are people pointing their fingers outwards, mad with conviction that if only this thing “out there” and that thing “out there” were different, the world would be a better place. People so convicted that they are blind to their own evil, the evil disguised as getting the job done, of doing good work, of making this right, of justice.

Evil is rooted in the human heart and nowhere else. To recognize this is to open up to the eternity of love and the wonder of life. To ignore or defy this is to forever be lost in constant battle of right and wrong but much worse…much worse than this, to defy the seed of evil inside your heart is to defy humanity itself, the great struggle of good and love. If you do not possess evil you cannot posses love.

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