Bitcoin is a Joke as Art

Bitcoin is not a revolution. It’s an abomination.

The only way this can be true is if humanity is an abomination. But the only way this can be true is if it is in relation to what? An abomination according to what, versus what? And it’s that “what” that shows the fraud of it all and the insidious nature of human pride and darkness. Nothing can be an abomination by itself, it must be in relationship to something else so if an abomination exists, it was inspired by it’s opposite.

Human’s are the greatest computers and it’s not possible to improve on the human. It’s only possible to improve as a human, but not on the human. Adding electrical stimulants, access to intelligence, increasing physical capabilities…these things mean nothing in the scope of humanity. Without love, they are a clanging bell, or something like that.

Bitcoin and the blockchain are already in the hands of the heathen’s. The hands of the progressives, the hands of those that seek for speed, control, efficiency. Thank god for poets and painters and artists and lazy people. And when I say Bitcoin is in the hands of the heathen’s I mean it in the worst and most innocuous way. It’s in the hands of the smart people, which is the worst thing that could possibly happen. The smart ones who are convinced they can solve the human condition with code and consensus. The smart ones who are sure that algorithms are the key and mathematics are their god.

You can’t blame them. Everyone has a god. And now is the time for the god of intelligence to make it’s final grand roar before being swept over by either extinction or stupor. What is it that holds the key to love? It’s not intelligence, that’s for sure.

So boring, all this talk of trustless systems, transactions per second, smart contracts. I just learned that the energy currently being used to mine only the Bitcoin blockchain is enough to power a small country. What a wonderful and clear example of how hard we will work to look outward for solutions. You know what the greatest trustless network would be? A network of humans who didn’t have to rely on trust, not because it was replaced with some bastard surrogate but because they weren’t so insecure and incapable of human acceptance.

And around and around we go, making our superstars, making our gods and then relying on them, punishing them, rewarding them and all along the way screaming about how unfair life is and how dangerous we all are to each other.

For fuck’s sake it doesn’t even consider our hunger for things as the immature driver of all of it. How can we have more, more, more, more, more, more. Don’t lie. Everything is there for you to see if you want to look. Everything is there for you to see if you want to look.

Bitcoin is nothing but more of the same. Human’s looking outward to find solutions that cannot be solved by looking outward. In our ferocity to consume the fire of getting shit will burn bright until it burns out to be replaced, immediately, by the cold, hard rock of reality and darkness and we will again strike two rocks together to create a fire to stay warm in our cave, except this time we will wonder and wonder how we went so wrong.

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