Blockchain and Vermont Education

Why do we rely on the State to provide so much for us?
Why do we rely on the State to dictate so much, almost all, of our educational opportunity for our kids?

How have we arrived at the reality where the State has so much power over how we, where and why we educate our kids?

I think it’s a combination of circumstance of history, patterns and habits and the nature of government itself to do the only thing that it’s actually really good at, which is to gain more power for itself. These things can all be true without there being any bad actors in government but their existence is exacerbated by bad actors and I also think that their nature, government and circumstantial natures left in the dark, left without hard and deep questions creates momentum towards creating bad actors.

What if communities, meaning you and me and our neighbors all felt empowered to dictate education for our kids? What if it wasn’t as hard as we think or as impossible? What if there were very low barriers to being involved in all decisions around education and very high rewards?

What if the current system, State dominated, was ripe to be recreated as a structure of and for families and kids of Vermont? What if we didn’t have to rely on the State?

This can be a reality. Technology has made it so, the Blockchain has made it so. We don’t need to rely on the State anymore if we don’t want and don’t let anyone tell you we do.

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