A word.

Will there be a time when the devil gets his due?
When all the lies are exposed as true
when all the people
weak of heart
face their demons without their art
when all the ones
who say they’re right
and specialize
in fear and fright
and take pride in
and define themselves
by their hate
and overwhelm.

Will the devil come
face to face
and look right through
your crumbling mask
when you meet the truth
so deep and pure
it’s cuts right through
uncuttable fear
and cuts you to your bottom bone
where you remember
you’re all alone
and there’s no one else
and no hope there
and no possible way
to breath fresh air
it’s just you
and your little life
and then you see it
you see the strife
you see the scaffolding
you’ve built since young
since you departed
since pride begun
you see your structure
built on pain
and built to crush
all innocence.

That’s what you’ve done.
You’ve built a scaffolding of pain
to keep you from the ultimate truth
of your existence
(which is the most beautiful thing)
which you’ve learned to be bad
and now you operate
in the scaffolding
it’s not you
your opinions are not you
they are your fear
your pain
nothing more.

You are crushing people
because of your own pain
and your own fear.

Can you feel it?
Do you know it?
He who feels it,
knows it.

He who feels it,
knows it.

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