Ink Up Yourself, And Take Aim

Write ferociously
devour until you find your power
get way out there on the edge
so far out
you’re past dead
get out there and run
where the monsters roam
and the poison lakes
are full of foam
and dragons hurl
their wares at you
and everyone is coming
coming for you.

Write and wield your sword
and fend them off
the darkness comes
there is no hope
it’s you
and your words
they’re running now
they’re not stopping
and you’re surrounded

Surrounded by those
horrible creatures
whom you stay safe from
when you write your features
write your features
write your features
so nice and clean
like brand new sneakers
and everyone oooohs
and everyone ahhhhhs
and points for a second
before they open their maws
to swallow you whole
and ingest you down
into their belly of hell
where you’d be happy to drown
they’re looking for you
like wild dogs roaming
in darkness or morning
in the forested gloaming
they will hunt
when they smell
and then, with a yell
they’ll tear over and beyond
whatever lies in their way
to come eat you and crush you
so nothing remains

So take out your words and write gleaming true
and write what you love and write what you knew
and write as if each stroke of the key
is a silver blade arc’ing down
slicing the meat
and each stroke of the pen
is your swordsman’s flourish
and you finish them off
with blood on your chest.

They’re coming for you
if you poke you’re head out
The horrible people
the rotten devout
they’re coming with judgement
and they’re coming with pain
and they’re coming to get you
again and again
and they’re coming for truth
and they’re coming for peace
and they think those two things
are the same
so ink up yourself and take aim.

Ink up yourself and take aim.

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