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The Reckoning

A friend called
he’s not good
stuck in life
the merry go round
has brought him around again
to where he started
when he was furthest away
he thought he was happy
but as the giant wheel
spun him back
before he knew where
he would end up
his ego began to fight
because it knew
where he was headed

back to reckonning
back to self
back to soul
sitting in the chair
exactly as he was left
so many years ago
he sits, his soul
and knows
the ego will have to
come back to face him
and the ego
and the soul
are not sympatico

That’s the point
the beautiful perfection
of the merry go round
it will go around
it will take you away
the soul will not
go with you
unless properly invited
and if not,
the soul will sit,
the soul will wait
and without the soul
the trip out and back
on the merry go round
is full of treats and temptations
all borrowed
all borrowed
and the ego will consume
and consume
and the ego won’t
it’s not getting caught
and at the same time
the ego will know
it’s caught
but there are no immediate
and so the consuming
and the merry go round
swings round
reaches it’s zenith
and begins to come
back home
the ego knows this
and celebrates
like an ego would
by consuming more
by becoming manic
and full
all to forget
about the reckoning
the unavoidable reckoning.

The good thing
is the ego’s power
is not real
if you don’t want it to be
and so, if you want,
after some time has gone
and you’ve been out
and come back
you can, if you want
put the ego down
and invite the soul
the ego will fight
and it will feel like
it’s the end of the world
but it’s not.

It’s the beginning.

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