The Soul Invites You Back

Freydoon Rassouli's Art
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So often, I wonder…
What is the point?
It’s such a sad thing to wonder.
But I remember
Watching a spider
who’d lost more than half it’s legs
struggle to move
and thinking…
There is no point.

The spider continues
life continues

And so, to survive is the point
and when it’s no longer
necessary to be directly
involved in your survival,

Well then – that is where
the devil lives.
The point between
directly surviving

What is the “and”?
What is the opposite of directly surviving?

What is the word for not having to
take direct action to ensure your survival
What is that word
What do you call that
What do you call it when survival is done for you
When all the fear of death
When all the horrors of the past have been conquered
When the tigers are all extinct
and bricks and mortar
make mother nature
a post card
or motivational poster.

Not for all, of course…
But certainly…for you.

What’s the word for being forgotten
What has happened to our spirit
if our spirit is excited by our quest for survival?

Where does suffering come from?

Do we yearn to be on the edge of life
Do our spirits want to be closer to death
Do we not realize how close we are
What have we replaced in favor of…


Even now – can you feel it – can you feel it?

Even now – can you feel it – can you feel it?

It is your soul telling you it’s hopeless
and inviting you back.

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