The Baffled King begins

There are some crazy people in the world. 

That was the thought he had while munching on his sandwich and pouring calorie free sweet cancer water down his throat. 

All these cars and roads and buildings, this pursuit of perfection, what the hell is going on

He was swallowing the food for the sake of stuffing it down into him.  Taste had long become secondary (maybe that’s why he liked hot peppers so much – something got through) and eating was more about the physical process of filling a void.  He knew that the void wasn’t real to, but there was that saying he aspired to…

ignorance is bliss

It was a funny thought at first, like new.  And you all know how absent new thoughts are from your life.  In that way it was kind of exciting, options!

What if we’re actually the bottom of the evolutionary cycle.  We humans.  What if all this time it’s only our ego and pride that has placed us at the top of our self proclaimed food chain.  Only our weakness and fear could possibly drive a species with whatever this ability to imagine and communicate amongst one another is. 

It wasn’t clear.  He stuffed some more material in and almost choked and then chuckled at his need for fullness.  Nothing really goes better with a lot of material in the mouth than some sweet cancer water, so he took a swig.  No it wasn’t clear just yet but it was getting clear, this new idea of his.

Would the deer think we were evolved?  Would an alien think we were evolved?  Would a micro-organism think so?  How could any of those things think that humans were highly evolved?  Really how could they, isn’t it laughable that a species that destroys itself, consistently and thoroughly, could be more evolved with a species that lives in a balance with it’s environment? 

A lot of questions.  And hot peppers;

the cow that was part of the material he was shoving in his mouth, how was the cows life,

It didn’t really matter to him, beyond a ghost of a care.  He was hungry and the meat felt good in his mouth and why should he be without it when it was there.  He knew he was a baffled King but he figured at least he would enjoy the King part.

the mosquitos and all animals might just have different eyes, different filters.  Our own eyes, our senses, the human senses are the evolution of our pride, not the root our our lives.  We sense what we want to sense, in a sense.  The others, they sense in a way we could never understand.  I think they sense all the energy, only the energy.  So where we see cars and roads and buildings as metal, motors, concrete and steel, they see energy.  And if that’s the case then what must they be experiencing of that energy?  Like cancer cells.  Cancer is only bad because it kills people and the things people love.  But cancer is just another type of cell, another type of energy.  In a sense we humans have lost control of our energy and it’s the losing control of the energy that makes us a devolved species.  Our energy is not in balance any longer and we are destroying everything in our path and then eating stuff and then yelling at each other or ourselves.  Of course it’s not everyone.  But is it you?

He took to the Baffled King reference.  He always kind of saw himself in that light.  A combination of qualities, baffledness, (moronic, ignorant, blissful, desirous like a child) and kingness (entitled, born royal, with sword).  And he thought about this description.

it is not flattering

He’d been thinking a lot lately about the insanity of the human race and now it seemed he made some connections

this is what a devolving species would look like and to think or justify that it could or should be any different was, well, more devolved thought.  Of course it’s insane.  Somewhere back a while ago we turned a corner and tripped down the stairs of evolution except it wasn’t really like that – it was more like somewhere back a while ago we made the relishing of pleasure the most important thing.  Religion…

he thought

was not just a bunch of crazy fucking wackos so disconnected from reality as to think that their viewpoint mattered so much that they should punish you into believing it.  Well is was kind of that, but really it was based on something that happened long ago.  Long ago.  There is no such thing as fiction after all! 

He thought.

Maybe it’s all happened before, multiple times.  I know that’s not a new thought but fuck, I’ve got to start somewhere to figure this out (why?).  Maybe we humans have fallen and gotten up and fallen and gotten up, maybe there was atlantis, maybe we lived in another dimension…

Thank god the phone is ringing…



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