The “Free Range Parenting” Law is a JOKE!

Free range

What side are you on anyway!

We are living in brilliant times where the most is possible for the most. The world is waiting to be changed, waiting to be uplifted, waiting for freedom and peace to be upheld and like Marcus Mumford sings, we are “Forcing from the world a patient smile”.

What the hell do you mean?

I mean…it’s time to really look at what’s happening and what is being contributed to our world because there are things being contributed everyday, some with more weight than others, some privately, some publicly and with great force. Eventually it’s important to answer the question…what are you contributing, but for now I want to talk about Free Range Parenting and specifically the law that was passed in Utah to a bunch of celebration and fanfare.

The fanfare is a misplaced result, like a fish cheering for water. And the bigger thing is that most of us fall right into our appropriate lines of approval or disapproval and never question why an entity (The State) has the power over our families to declare that it is lawful to allow your own children to roam the earth.

Let me say that again:

Why are we celebrating an entity separate and removed from us (The State) having the power to declare it “legal” to allow our children to roam the earth?

Oh god I can already hear the “adults”…”Safety” they say, “protection” they say, “You silly person” they say, “it’s so obvious that we need the protection” they say. All the “Adults”. My goodness, we are celebrating our own chains and requesting that they be placed on our children as well. We are clamoring for chains, we are celebrating our chains.

The celebration of a law that allows you to leave your kids alone. What’s next? Maybe it’s a law that allows someone with a gun and a badge to come into your home and take you, or worse, your kids away without due process, oh, wait, that exists already. Oooohh I get fired up when I hear about these things…when I hear about “US”, you and me and other “reasonable” people so grateful to be granted a right, so comfortable with a mechanism that has the power to grant rights. DON’T SAY IT!  Don’t you go and justify…Don’t Do It!

A tomato used to be a tomato and then at some point it became an “organic” tomato. Do you ever think about what that means? At some point a parent could be a parent to their children until a law was made that it was now legal to be a parent to your children.

What the hell is going on?

Is this insanity? Yes. But is it also a joke? YES!!  It is a joke! It’s a joke that politicians actually believe that they should rule you and it is a joke that you actually believe that you should be ruled. But you know what, the damn joke is starting to infect my life and I’ve really had enough of it, enough with the jokes you funny and silly people, enough.


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