The Tyrannical Penis

I can’t quite put my penis on it, ahhh, I mean finger!

The amazing, terrifying, confusing, rage inducing “conversation” that’s happening around “Men” and “Women” (appropriately cocooned in quotes to signify those words are not what they seem, anymore). There’s so much, the discussion is so broad that I think any mature person would need to focus very specifically on their particular area of expertise or experience. That’s what I’m going to attempt. And what is my area of expertise or experience?

I’ve got a penis. I’ve been raised as if I have a penis. I’ve considered myself someone who has a penis. Other people have considered me someone who has a penis. Consistently, for all of my memorable life, I identify as someone who has a penis and have fully and completely made my penis the central item from which my identity has, both actively and passively, come into being.

I consider myself an expert in having a penis and in my expert opinion, something is not right with the dialogue coming forth from many others who also have Penises. And it’s time for me to call it out because it’s making my penis look bad. I apologize to all those that don’t have a penis and have been treated as if they don’t have a penis and to anyone who’s been treated like they don’t have a penis, even if they have one. You know who you are…penile and non-penile!

First things first:

  1. Whether someone is sick of it, fed up, angry, feeling hurt, feeling vengeful, confused or anything…it has no bearing on the simple fact that LIFE IS PRECIOUS. If people with penises really wanted to resolve things it would be so helpful to come from the same, common, human ground. LIFE IS PRECIOUS.
  2. If you had a choice…a choice between two things only, which would you choose? Here’s your choice:
    1. The only rights you have as a human are rights that are granted to you by other humans.
    2. You have inherent rights, not granted by any person, but by virtue of being a human like every human alive.

So you know where this penis is coming from, Human life is precious and ( I chose #2) we are all, as Human First beings, possessors of rights that cannot be granted nor revoked by any other person. It’s from this perspective that I call out the penises who think they’re protecting others by encouraging and enforcing a structure that neither treats life as precious nor recognizes Human Rights as things that are inherent to Humans and not granted by them.

Maybe more clearly stated…When there’s a situation where one human needs to “fight” with another human in order to be granted rights or in order to protect rights that have been granted there is something wrong. No, you say? This throws our entire system of governance into question? What about Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, Workers Rights, Children’s Rights…yeah, how are those things working out?

It’s almost as if those “rights” that have been such a part of our collective story were… what… bullshit? Look at the dialogue today. Black people don’t have rights, women don’t have rights, LGTBQ…people don’t have rights, workers don’t have rights, children don’t have rights. But “We” fought for those rights, so what’s going on?

What’s going on is that “We” are all still assuming that rights must be granted. “We” are all acting like slaves. “We” fight for our rights, as if we must fight for them, as if by fighting for them we somehow could possibly achieve emancipation. If you fight with the thing that isn’t true, you make it true and you are now enslaved to the truth, you believe it, you fight for it. NO MORE says this PENIS! NO MORE!

Is this penis saying the Civil Rights Movement was bullshit, the Women’s rights movement, the LGBTQ fight? Yes. Because all of the people within those groups are humans. All have human rights that cannot be GRANTED and by taking up the mantle of fighting for things that cannot be granted to you, you become the slave. Because I can come across as mono-focused let me just disclaim that the spirit behind all of those movements is where the humanity is, where the success is, where the beauty and justice lie and it’s these wonderful qualities that are lost (at best) and corrupted (at worst) by the current, cultural assumption that the only way we, as humans, can achieve our rights, is by fighting with the structure who’s only purpose is to encourage fighting in order for it to survive and thrive.

Yes, by fighting the way we are fighting for rights, we are ensuring that we will never recognize our human rights, we are making the noose tighter, we are teaching our children how to be slaves and we are not having much fun with our penises (or at least I’m not).

I’ve been acting like a coward about it by not calling out the corrupt system that, necessarily, creates, allows and fosters such divisive behaviour between humans. The system we’ve created perpetuates the belief that humans must be granted their rights and awards, through popularity contests, the grantors of those rights and this is what we need to be talking about. But it’s a big conversation, it’s a revolutionary conversation that must, if we want to truly transcend, lead to revolutionary action. It’s a conversation that requires the best of us penises and we must clean up our penises before we start telling others how to handle their parts. “There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark”. It’s time to check your penis and stop pretending that being a grantor of rights is somehow humanitarian. It’s not, at least not in the context of our current political, social environment. It’s actually tyrannical. And that’s this penis’s other problem… Tyrannical penises that are pretending to be humanitarian penises.

So don’t be a Tyrannical Penis. And if you don’t know, which can be often or always be the case, let’s talk. Maybe I can help. From one Penis to another, we can help each other, we can be revolutionary, we can contribute successfully to a transformation that most penises want, but haven’t yet developed the tools or character to actually achieve. I can do better and I don’t want to be a tyrannical penis, you?

Stay tuned for more from this Tyrannical Penis!

PS: The ideas that our Republic was founded on represented in The Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence are great places to start. They’ve been well corrupted into what we have now, but they offer solutions that when applied to all humans and if applied in a non-tyrannical (perhaps vagina-like) way, could offer the best hope for all humans, penis, vagina, non-penis, non-vagina and everything in between and around.

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