Politics Got Nothing On Love!

The reason for “Straight Pride” is the reason for Trump.

It’s a response to people putting the State in a position of authority over themselves. They feel unrecognized and they themselves only recognize one way out – to appeal to the faceless behemoth that they’ve been taught is the ultimate creator and arbiter of human rights.

Whose fault? Who knows. But most people aren’t concerned with other people doing what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt them. So what if the system that now blindingly oppresses was created by these same people. We’re missing the point if our view is to blame the people that created the system. No matter who or how the system of oppression was created, it was created before a time of mass self-awareness. We are in a time of a turning, an awakening to our own power, violence, intolerance, compassion and love.

We are missing the point.

Our reliance, each and every one of us, on the State to be the example and upholder of humanity is the biggest mistake and confusion. The State cannot and will not ever be able to fulfill the role that so many desperately want it it. It can never give love, acceptance, justice, equality, it is not equipped or designed for that and yet all of society continues to clamour for these things to be legislated.

The only thing the the State can give us are laws and criminalization as the punishment if you break these laws. This is where we are in our civilization and our culture, we think in terms of laws and punishment instead of love and acceptance. Why is this?

Is it because we’re too afraid to face, within ourselves our own dark and punishing natures; have we given up all responsibility for facing these things to a State mechanism that can’t possibly see us as humans but must instead see us as criminals or non-criminals?

It is this neglect of ourselves, this turning away from our hearts and souls, that is crushing the human spirit and crushing our civil society. As each separate “culture” seeks to find what they are missing or what has been withheld from the external world, they only ensure their continued oppression. It is not possible to achieve justice externally before it is achieved internally and it is the same for acceptance, tolerance, compassion and love. We cannot ever create these things in the external world, without first creating them internally. And the confusion around this simple fact is why we live in the world we live in today.

Government can not ensure human freesom. The best it can do is to provide, as directed by the people, the loosest structure that allows for the people from all different cultures and walks of life, to learn how to live together, humanly and humanely.

The more we clamour to be recognized by anything outside ourselves the more we move away from our greatest power and the greatest power that exists…Love. Every time we beg an outside force for freedom or justice or equality we ensure the opposite for ourselves and our people, we ensure the opposite for our children.

Something can be done about this but it’s a true revolution. It’s a revolution of LOVE and it’s a deadly serious thing. It requires a disruption in our lives and in our hearts, it requires a re-allignment with our true natures, not the natures we have all been taught, of fear and lack and loss and violence. There are people speaking out, they’re not as hard to find as they once were. They’re not associated with power or party, they’re associated with love and humanity. Find these people, support these people, become one of these people.

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