Stand For Something

Can you prepare for life?
Move this and cancel that
to avoid the pain and strife.
Can you wear a different hat?

Will that make me a different person
protected from the acid rain
or disguised, safe from recognition
Can you avoid the pain?

A better question is to ask,
just what is the full worth
If it’s time to take off the mask
to foster your rebirth?

To be born again inside your life
like the flower blooms in spring
from the pain of being wrapped so tight
then gentle unfolding.

But then you’re unfolded
and open for all to see
to touch and smell, emboldened,
what if they don’t agree?

What if you’re wrong,
or worse rejected
for finally being strong
and sharing your perspective

And if people point and sing
your doubts for all the world to hear
or, worse, they don’t want anything
to do with you my dear.

And even worse, there’s nothing
no one pays attention
you’ve put your heart out deafening
and no one makes connection.

Who are you my darling son,
to have so many questions
Don’t you see that you’re the one
who holds your own salvation.

And that no one pays attention
and no one really agrees
and it doesn’t hurt to mention
Love considers none of these.

But Love considers pain
pain is like the flower
and love is the unfolding
in the deepest, darkest hour.

So what is in your heart, young man
what is it you see?
And even if you are decieved
it’s true you can be free,
even if you are decieved
even if by yourself
you’ve worn the liars mask so long
you’ve forgotten how to tell.
Maybe what you’ll get is pain,
however you have invited it
and, in fact, I’m sure you will,
because until you’re dead that’s all there is
you will die upon this hill
and when you die, there’s no more pain
and no more love and care
and no more people to laugh at you
and no one left to stare
no one to humiliate
no one left to cry
no one left to hit you
no one left to die
there’s nothing left at the time of death
so it might be good to stop day dreaming
and schemeing how to keep yourself
from meeting all your demons.
You’ve only got on shot at this
and a lot of time’s gone by
you don’t know how much time is left
on the game clock in the sky.

So what’s it mean, what’s the point?
It’s simple son, just heed it
Stand for something until you’re broken
then figure out if you need it.

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