You Can’t See Me

There is a part of me
that only wants to hug
and be hugged
to be warmly and forever

There is a part of me
that basks in the emotional
glow of good feelings
of kind words
of percieved love.

I used to think there was soemthing wrong
with this part of me.
That this part of me
was weak or less or immature.

Now I see that this part of me
is natural

And the part of me that is weak,
is the part of me that
refuses acceptance.
It’s the part of me that
pretends that wanting comfort
is bad
and acts like a petulant child
when faced with
the desire or fullfilment of comfort
and the strategies of comfort.

Of course we need strategies
if we’re not honest
or mature enough to
accept our normal, human desires.
We need strategies
so we can sneak around ourselves
pretending we don’t see
or don’t know
making up the biggest story
of them all,

That we are somehow compartmentalized
that the filing cabinets of our mind
don’t exist within a greater
context that knows everything
that anything could be separate.
We believe we can hide things from ourselves
but really
we’re like the young child
little hands
covering little eyes,

“You can’t see me”.

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