This Is What’s Going To Happen

You can turn your back.
You don’t think about it
but you can do that,
turn your back.

You see I foget, often
that I’m going to die
and I think I can hang on
I think it’s important to
hang on.

What foolishness.

The ulimate “thing” is life
and it’s not possible to hang on to
so why would I think
I could hang on to anything else.

Amazing delusion

I can’t do anything I say
I have to do something I say
The truth of it
I can really do very little
in relation to my experience
of the world


These things do the opposite
of what I think they do
that’s a real problem
because it means I think I’m getting what I want but I’m really getting what I don’t

and that’s how I live my life
and what’s worse – I feel badly about my own trap
it’s not good enough that
I’ve set this trap for myself
I must feel badly about
getting caught in it
about setting it.

What a life.

So when they come for you
when the tell you that you
can only rely on them
when they tell you that they don’t approve
when they tell you you’re doing it wrong
when they tell you it’s for your own safety
when they tell you it’s help
when they tell you to be afraid
when they tell you to be afraid
when they tell you to be afraid

You can simply know that they’re running out of patience
and that you should definitely believe them
because they’re like you
they think they’re going to get what they want
but they’re going to get something else

And remember, if you can…
you can always
turn your back.

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