The Smarties VS The World

Are you paranoid
or just annoyed
or annoyed
at the paranoid?

The funny thing is I’m starting to see the smart people explain why the conspiracy people are, well…what’s the word a smart person would use to describe a conspiracy person…maybe…Stupid?

I don’t know but that’s what comes up because that’s what it feels like when I read some of the things the smarties are saying about the conspirators. Or are they co-conspirators? Who the hell knows…but one thing I want to know, is how they hell does anyone know? And if someone does know, are they perfect? I mean what does it mean to know?

What the ever loving fuck does it mean to know and how is anyone really able to say, with any seriousness at all, that the way they see the world is the correct way and everyone else is a CON-spirit-or, or…Stupid.

I’ve read a bunch, cause that’s how I do thing, and this is the gist of what I’ve read. There’s normal and then there’s conspiracty. There’s what matters and then there’s conspiracy. It’s almost like…hey there, did you see what just happened there…it’s almost like the smarties had a light blow out in their minds and they just began defaulting to, well if you can’t convince them, pretend your assumptions are correct and break it down to the level of leprosy: your “arm” is falling off, so you’re a leper. And the Con-Spirit-Or says, my arm is not falling off and the smarty says, it’s off and the Con-Spirit-or looks down and sees his arm attached and says, I see my arm. And the smarty says, nope, you don’t see it, I know because I don’t see it and if I don’t see it you don’t see it.

And then science gets thrown in, but generally it’s condesceding, which means the science probably is more mythology wrapped in science because real science doesn’t require and isn’t helped by condescension, or even by worry.

So maybe there is a problem and maybe there isn’t. But if there is a problem I’m sure it has more to do with the complete dismantling of the local community from “authorities” driven by financial responsibility within a financial system that has no actual foundation, other than F35 bombers.

Yeah – the freakin’ smarties man…can’t live with ’em, can’t live without…wait a minute…you probably could!

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