Of Course Forced Vaccinations Are Coming

There are so many great, heart felt ideas. I don’t know what to choose and I have forgotten many more than I’ve remembered.

It struck me today that I’ve been wrong about something. I like to own up when I get a chance and I’m glad I’m wrong, actually, because it frees me up to explore further, and that’s really what a good life is about.

I’ve been following and jumping in and out of the discussions around vaccinations for most of my adult life and when I say “adult” I mean the time since my son was born. I’m not sure what I was for the 40 years before that, but it wasn’t an adult. Anyway my position has always been one of disdain for force and the rhetoric of force and the machinations of the state and those in authority around how force is the basis for our society and the fact that we don’t admit it.

I’ve taken a fairly standard stance, I think, that force should not be used to compel people to take a vaccine, that people need to be able to make their own choices, that making your own choices and creating a system and structure that encourages people to make their own choices is an important, no…Vital part of living a good, expansive and humane life.

I’ve felt disdain for those who feel force is a legitimate means to an end if what you’re trying to create is a more loving or just society. I’ve felt disdain for myself, even as I’ve used force to get what I want.

But ultimately, my point is…no one should be forced. And then it hit me…

That’s bullshit because people are forced everyday. Prisoners are forced, criminals are forced, people who are arrested are forced, we force people all the time and for all time we have forced people. People who don’t fit into our rules, people we don’t like, don’t trust, fear, hate…whatever. Our culture is a king of force.

And so, I thought to myself, what am I doing thinking and forming arguements in my head and heart, that we shouldn’t force people to get vaccinated, as if force is some kind of novel, abstract occurance, not a regular state of being. People are forced.

And people will be forced to be vaccinated.
This is the life and the world we live in and to spend any more time as a proponent of people being allowed to choose without force and a proponent for peace, risks being the little matchstick girl.

Why would I expect any different than what’s always been? Why “WOULD” not why “Should”. Why WOULD I expect any different. I “would” because I’m delusional. Because I don’t want to imagine I live in the type of horror that other humans can and do inflict on each other daily. Because I don’t want to face the reality that for all of humanity people with power have forced people without power. This is the way of the human.

Why would you think any differently

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