Silly Goose

Life. The life we live today, we call it “normal”. We call it normal because we don’t know anything else. We call it normal because…why?


What we really mean, when we say “normal” is “recognized” or even better, “familiar”. Normal is more scientifically appropriate. Normal is a word to describe processes and to measure. When a human describes another human or a human situation as normal, it’s like using the zoom lense of life to focus the circle of experience that human can have.

What if the culture we’re living is sheer terror, sheer horror, sheer destruction – but not the terror, horror and destruction we’re shown on TV and in movies and video games. What if it’s the kind of destruction dressed up as love, and caring, and compassion and justice.

And what if we call that, “normal”.

What’s got me thinking about this is all the conspiracy talk in general, up and down the spectrum (and that’s what the conspiracy talk is, it’s a spectrum of the same experience, the different sides of the same coin. It’s basically like the frog halfway down the mouth of the crane, with it’s “hands” grasping the crane’s neck so it can’t swallow. These things are only different flavors of denial). Who gets to decide the base from which to make a judgement?

Who gets to decide the base from which to make a judgement and what are the things, specifically, that go into creating that base? Is it what’s “normal”? Is it God? I mean, what else could it be, if it’s not “normal” or God that is the foundation for creating a base from which to then make judgements on the world.

Silly fucking geese! Silly Silly Silly fucking geese.

I was one of these geese. In fact I’m probably still more goose than human…but I’m working on it.

I don’t want to be a Silly Goose for the rest of my life, and neither should you.

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