Where Are The Parents

Were they ever there
If not
It is insanity
to expect them.

A child who has
Never known defeat
Will be a child
Who demands
In an adult body.

A child who is taught
That defeat is an event
Will be a child
Who creates certainty
Where none exists
As an adult.

The only hope
Is the greatest hope
The un defeatable hope
That lives in you.


In you.

Not the hope of a new world
Or a new way
Not the hope of peace or
A much simpler
Less thoughtful hope.

The hope of humanity within you.
The hope of humanity within you.

You may be
You are
Beset on all sides
The barbarians are at the gate
And your castle will fall
As surely as the sun rises
Your castle will fall.
But your knowledge of goodness
Can Not Fall.

Your knowledge of goodness

You may dismantle it
You may tear it down
It is yours and yours alone
But do not be dismayed
At the terror and lonliness
Of the world
It is not so terrible and lonely
When you have found friendship
In yourself.

And do not dismay over the coming
Use it.
Use it.
Use it.
To further your own relationship
With the hope of goodness

Those who have forgotten or never met themselves will try everything in their power to never remember and never meet their own goodness because it is too painful for them.

Always remember the root of demands
Is pain of separation from self.

Good will never be defeated.
So do not dismay my friend,
Do not dismay.

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