What NXIVM Taught – It’s People

There’s a very good chance that we are wrong about most of our diagnoses for what ales us as humans. It’s been proven again and again that what we think is the story of our life is really just a process of expirementation over time. We find things out, we have opinions about them, we test them, we find more out and we usually find out we were wrong or at least very limited in our understanding as we discover new and more things about our world and about ourselves.

Some of us have stopped trying to discover all together which is the greatest tragedy of all. Some of us think we’ve discovered everything there is to discover and what we have is what have, that life is finite and definite, that they way they feel about right and wrong are somehow infallible or unassailable.

Look at our discourse today…one side is right and the other side is wrong. One side are terrorists and the other side are fighting terrorists. One side is the enemy and the other…well that’s where it gets fuzzy. But you know what I mean.

I was listening to the DOS women today, as I do whenever they put out a new video. I like to hear them speak because in general they don’t blame and more, they have a principle that is important to them to uphold, which is more important to them than their “reputations”…even their safety. People like this are good to listen to even if you don’t agree with them because they will tell you things you may not want to hear, but they also might tell you things that you’d forgotten about, things that used to be important to you but you’ve since left behind. These types of people are valuable voices.

One of the things you learn right away in ESP is that you are the best liar and you lie the best to yourself. I didn’t believe it. But now I do…spoken like a really good liar.

The reason we’re such good liars is because we don’t have anyone else inside our minds to check us. That’s why speaking up and freedom of speech is so important, because other people are great fact checkers. But inside, in the silence and echo chambers of our own stories, we can and do spin any yarn we want. This spinning of yarns (lying) is non-discriminate. It happens in every human mind, no matter what position they’ve earned in society or how much or little they’ve acquired. People lie to themselves and it’s now become endemic in our society and the effects are playing out in front of our eyes thanks to technology and an addiction to comfort.

What Keith Raniere was doing with ESP was developing a framework from which people could become more human. The assumption was that human is good and more human meant more good. When we lie to ourselves, often innocently enough, we put a separation between our “truth/self” and the person we currently act as. It’s the creation of a disingenous actor and this disingenous actor is often on a spiral in the wrong direction because even if they want to, they don’t understand how to stop the lies and unfortunately our society often rewards the lies, encourages the lies and reinforces the lies.

Not lying to yourself is a universal good that’s been talked about for all time. What ESP taught was a path to understand the lie itself, where it came from, why it came to be and what the truth is underneath that’s being covered up. There are other paths for this, many other paths for this, but for me, ESP was the best path. It was the best path for me, and many, because of it’s reliablity, success rate and speed.

Anyone who has done any type of soul searching or gone through any kind of humiliation or emotional trauma probably has an understanding of what it means to lie to themselves and to, finally, admit the lie, see the truth and began building on the truth rather than the lie. When this happens it’s transformative for you and everyone around you. There are many lies and many opportunities for transformation.

Part of the vision, as I saw it, in NXIVM, was to free people from their self-deception not only because free’d people would experience a much more joyful self and therefor help create a more joyful world but also because people who are self-decieving can create tremendous amounts of pain and suffering for themselves and others. There was a recognition in NXIVM that a world full of more genuine and joyful people would be a better world and that our world could use this change and if not you, than who?

There was never the slightest pressure that if you didn’t think the world needed to change, you should come to ESP. If anyone said, no, I’m good, I don’t want more, ESP would not be the right place for them. The reality is that many people said they wanted the world to change, many said they wanted more for themselves but didn’t really understand what it meant or what it cost. And that’s no different than what exists outside of NXIVM. Many people say they want change, very few actually change, very few actually understand the cost of the change. Very few actually see how much is invested in the world not changing, or how much they’ve invested in not changing.

NXIVM and ESP was not “the answer” but it was an answer and it was a process that “struck at the root” of the problem by identifying it and by identifying it also brought to light the solution. It’s people. Only people. All people. There is no other problem and there is no other possible solution.

This is what was taught in NXIVM. More to come…

If you like or find valuable, please share. If you have questions please comment or if you have comments. I won’t answer or publish anything that is presented in a savage or un-civil way.

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