Ride The Wave Alone, Together

I’m not going to tell you where it is. If I did, you would probably ruin it, like you ruin all things you touch. But I am going to tell you about a place, a community really, that I didn’t think still existed, but somehow does.

It’s not a pretty place. At least to you.
To those that come and work and play, it’s the most beautiful place and you can tell by watching them. In fact that’s one of the reasons it’s beautiful, because people find it beautiful.

It’s a contradiction though. There’s plenty of messed up people, hurt, angry, ready to lash out, you can see it, the way the place is kept, rough, and painted. It will hurt you if you’re not careful, if you don’t know how to use it or if you don’t respect it. It can hurt you. People are afraid of it.

Everyone is hanging on. Most of us haven’t found a place that helps. The people that come here all have this place in common, that is what bonds them, that is the power and magic of this place. The place itself is the source. And having a place that is a source of common bonding helps them hang on.

More money or ambition would ruin it. That’s why I don’t want to tell you about it. I don’t want your mind to start working, like mine, on how to make it better. That way of thinking has become a disease, an addiction, like opiods for the soul. The worst thing that could happen to this place is to be discovered and “cared” about. That has also become a dangerous and harmful addiction, modern day “care”. This place would get “cared” to death if it’s discovered.

The people here are mostly young but age doesn’t matter as much as showing up. If you have a connection, you treat the place well, you respect it’s laws and it’s people, you are part of it. And the people, the best people of the place look on little kids and adults with a kindness only rivaled by the aloneness.

That’s why I love the place so much, it’s a place where you can be together, really together and yet completely alone. This is normal, this is how it works.

This painted concrete palace is saving those that call it home. I think maybe it’s been saving people all along. But of course it’s been much maligned, perhaps a natural defense, like a defenseless insect that looks like a deadly spider.

The people here are good people. And the place is part of of what makes them good, it helps them to be good and they, in turn, ride the wave alone, together.

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