There Are No Corporate Interests: The Dave Chapelle Story

*Apologies to Dave Chapelle for using his image. I deleted it and deleted my posts that included it with the share. I wanted to use his image to represent his humanity through the art of pictures. But when I saw it I knew I was only doing more of what I talk about below, the story will now live without the pic*

Dave Chapelle is going to die of a broken heart.

Dave Chapelle is not a Warrior. He’s a healer. He’s a healer who’s been cast as a warrior by his ferocious and famished fans. That’s the tragedy of this. Chapelle was shaped. He’s not real. Dave himself, I think, has said this before. Many ultra celebrities have said this before.

They say that their image is not them. That they’ve been co-opted and have taken part in the creation of a some type of frankenstien being that terrifies the real person they actually are.

Chapelle is not a warrior. He is just as noble however. Like The Killers say “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier”. Chapelle has soul. And the expression of soul is noble and warrior like.

I don’t know if you can see it but I can. I see his hurt, I can hear his confusion as it flavors every expression. He is hurt. Deeply, truly hurt. And in this way we have failed him, we have failed Dave Chapelle the real person.

Do we not feast on his sorrow? Do we not hold him up as the best representation, not of ideals or principles but, of ourselves? Haven’t we handed him our own responsibility and then sat gleeful as he does the only thing that he was meant to do, as an oracle, a mirror, an expressor of the soul.

That’s Dave.

And now, Dave blames corporate interest, of which there are no such thing. And this is where the terror comes. And this is where Dave’s innocence is fighting to stay alive in a hopeless and heroic battle. There are no corporate interests. There is only human interest.

There are no corporate interests.
There is only human interests.

I have not been there for Dave Chappelle. I have done all the worst things, just like you. But I am there for him now. And every father and mother, who, like him, like me, are and have been deceived. We are not deceived by what is outside.

We are not deceived by what lies outside of us.

We deceive ourselves. And in our frantic attempts to keep from seeing and feeling and welcoming our own broken hearts, we create war.

We create war and blame the world.

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