Abortion, The Only Question..Are You Too Far Gone?

It comes to a simple choice.

Do you want someone or something thing, like the US Government, deciding what’s best for you, or not.

Do you want the US Government deciding what’s best for you.

If you do, then you should protest and vote for a government that will make laws that you and everyone else will have to follow.

But we get confused.
And we are confused.
And we like being confused.
And we don’t know we’re confused.
And the Power likes us confused.

The most proper authority for decisions rests with the individual.
The most proper authority for decisions rests with the individual.
The next most proper authority for decisions rests with the family of the individual.
The next, the neighbors.
The next, the region or town, and then at the very end of the spectrum of what is a proper store of authority, is the state and even further, the federal government.

Some are not confused about this.
Some believe that the most proper store of authority is at the level furthest away from the individual. These people think the federal government should make laws that are disconnected from the every day life of the individual and that everyone must follow or fear imprisonment or sanction of some kind.

The POWER has been lying for generations. Lying to us and to our parents and their parents, lying about what the actual questions are, lying that the proper life of a human is under the boot of state authority, lying that staying safe is the most important aspect of life.

Those that believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should rejoice at any decision to remove the tentacles of coercive authority from state control. The only question is, are we too far gone to understand?

If you’re arguing that abortion is a human right, you might be too far gone.

And there’s a lot of people arguing for that.

How about arguing for this:

No one, state, federal, husband, child, woman, man…NO ONE gets to have authority over what you do with your body.

The proper seat of authority rests with the individual. To delude oneself into thinking there is another, more proper, seat of authority, is to give up the only inherrent right you have. And if you give up the only inherrent right you have, the right to do what you want with your body, what do we have…

Look around.

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