The Dignity of Women (and Men): Human Allies

I’m a man.


What if women (and men) have been lied to for all of time.

What if the system we’ve been raised in likes women to be dependant (likes men to be dependant too, in a different way)?

What if at every turn we were taught, coached, coerced, loved into our dependancy, so much so that we don’t know it even when it’s right in front of us.

Look at the past 10 years, 20 years, 50 years…basically look at the time you’ve been alive, the time since media and technology allowed ideas to be spread. Look at the fight for rights.

Fight for woman’s rights.
Fight for civil rights.
Fight for marriage rights.
Fight for immigration rights.
Fight for human rights.

Who have we been fighting all this time?

Who is the person or the the thing that holds these right away from us?

Who is the person or thing that holds my rights and who I need to “fight” to get them from?

This is a lie.

This has always been a lie.

No one holds our rights separate from ourselves?

Women, in particular, have been conditioned to believe this, to believe that there is someone outside themselves that holds the key to their rights. Our entire civilization is based on this belief and supports its continuation.

The woman (and men) who think they are fighting the good fight for abortion rights are actually fighting to remove the irremoveable human dignity and right of woman to do whatever they choose with their body. And you have to assume some of them (and some of the men) know this. They know and want woman to be forever dependent on something or someone outside themselves.

This is the battle of our time and truly the only battle that matters.

The only ally that matters in the true fight is the human ally.

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