Watching my son learn German

ImageToday is another best day of my life.  They just seem to keep coming one after the other.  No longer do I think back to this time or that time in the past and recall the feelings I imagine I had, today is the greatest and much of the reason for this is the deepening of my relationship with my son and thus myself.

Today James Arthur is learning German.

I am on the periphery, not a helicopter parent but an observer of this life I, and others, have created.  I am seated, working, accomplishing small daily goals of business thanks to technology and just 6 feet away a girl is counting in German and James Arthur is counting back to her.  “Eins, Svie, Trie” (phonectically)…he says, “Afful” he says (apple) and a whole spate of other German toddler speak.  I get to watch him look at her when she talks, I see his concentration as he hears these words, words that, for the most part, he hasn’t ever heard before.  The girl is very animated in her communication, and very repetitive; he looks on, intent, focused, in this moment he is a physical representation of learning.  I wonder over the fact that he is so quiet and attentive during this time, so intent and present with her and I wonder when I am like that and more what I am like when I “think” I am learning.

What gifts…I think to myself.  But really?  Gifts?  I am very grateful for my life and I understand that nothing is random, nothing is causeless.  These “Gifts” exist because so many others think they are valuable to have in the world.  These “Gifts” are a result of action taken, limits overcome, fears faced and relentless persistence towards upholding certain values.

It makes me wonder what I am upholding in my world.  It makes me wonder how I uphold or if I uphold what is important to me.  Have I simply taken these things in life as “Gifts” to be grateful for and to take, as if presents under the tree?  Have I contributed to making these “Gifts” available to others, to improving them, sharing them, supporting them?

My little human, the one I am primarily responsible for (for at least a few years more) runs into the kitchen, following his beautiful German teacher.  They don’t speak the same language but they are learning, together and it’s time for me to do more to make sure that this “Gift” stays real in the world.  There are people to thank but more importantly there is value to be upheld, human value, the value of joy in the world and the value of teaching children how to be human and in the process…hey look…I get to be more human to!

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One response to “Watching my son learn German”

  1. Juliana says :

    Lovely darling. Thanks for sharing. xxxx


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