The Death Of Life

The problem with suicide apologists
is that they don’t take their own advice
and get confused amongst the
horror of the act and the loss and the pain.

This is their pain,
their experience
their ownership
of someone else’s choice.

This is the problem with suicide apologists,
perhaps the worst people,
even though they may not know it,
but they may,
but it doesn’t matter.

To mix together
your pain and your reason,
to bake a conclusion cake
as a trojan horse
like offering beer to an alcholic
or heroin to a junkie

Does it matter if they are in recovery?

These people are fat and have diabetes
and suicide apologists
offer chocolate cake
as if it’s medicine
or hope.

What is it that you think you know?

And have you ever considered
that it’s you’re “knowing”
that caused the person
and now,
you continue to know
and to serve poison pills
disguised as sugar
to children
who look to you
for guidance
and wholeness

And what you give them instead
is a vision of the warped
sickly world in your head.

The worst people take their perception
of other people’s pain
and make it their own,
and then try to force feed
it to you.

If you are a grown human
a mature human
you are equipped to deal
with this nonsense
with this attack.

If you are a child,
you are prone
to the weakness
being shared
as strength.

You do this.
Suicide Apologists.

The ones who think giving up is strength
The ones who think giving up is bad
The ones who judge more harshly
The ones who should commit suicide

You take other people’s pain
make it your own
and forcefeed it to children
disguised as caring.

Suicide is the death of life.
The death of life is not heroic.
But it is a choice that everyone has.

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