What do you do
When you love something
That was created by a monster.

Can a monster create something worthy of love
Can a monster create value

What is a monster?

The best I can tell,
Monster is opinion.

Dictionary says:
“an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly and frightening”.

I say:
“something or someone that incites fear with malice and the certainty of malicious destruction”

I sit in the center of a circle.
There are rock piles everywhere
and people in the circle
throwing stones,
they haven’t noticed me
but they’re not happy
and they look as if they could turn
at any moment
and target me.

Those in the circle seem upset,
they’re all speaking at different levels
and differet tones,
none of which are endearing
or warm.
They seem jittery, nervous as best
fanatic at worst.

The ones in the circle are trying to make decisions
but it’s hard
because they’re frantic
and it’s difficult to agree with someone’s frantic.
But they try and the best they come up with
is directing their stones at
some other poor bastard.

They’re screaming now,
screaming that they’re in pain,
screaming to look at their pain,
they want people to see their pain,
and they don’t realize everyone can see it.

They must actually want something else.

I saw one person, she asked them what wrong
and they all stopped,
that poor girl,
they all stopped and piled their stones onto her,
piling their stones,
she tried to escape,
I watched,
but the stones came so fast,
she was buried
and they turned away as quickly
as they came,
after the last stone was placed neatly
and there was nothing more to cover,
except their own stones,
they stopped,
Went back to the circle
and began, again, a building wail
“Look at our pain” they screamed
“Look at our pain”.

I look around now,
those rock piles,
they have soft centers.
“Look at our pain” they screetch
with fire in their eyes
and rocks in their hands.

They’ve noticed me,
and are wondering why
I’m not screaming.

The first rock lands
and then another,

They’ve noticed me.

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